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Bill Cosby makes a grand entrance and starts his interview off with someone who…isn’t Jimmy…

Everything in our lives prepares us for the present moment… Who knew that moment was going to be an improv skit with the great comedian, Bill Cosby on Late night with Jimmy Fallon?

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Return to your Roots →

“Cargo Cult” was the intriguing theme for this year’s Burning Man festival. Shipments of cargo, dropped from airplanes onto South Pacific islands during World War II, inspired the legend of John Frum, a serviceman gone native who encouraged islanders to return to their cultural roots. Black Rock City citizens picked up on the idea that the mysterious cargo appeared to have come from aliens with magical powers, and some of the art reflected this obsession with aliens, pyramids, and strange technologies. The Man itself was situated on a gigantic replica of a flying saucer. The movie, The Gods Must Be Crazy, uses a Coca Cola bottle dropped from the air to show how an alien object can disrupt tribal society in comedic ways. We made an homage to this film by naming the Cleu labyrinth, The gods must be Cleu.

Our annual pilgrimage involved 24 people this year, twice as many as the last few years, and we had about a dozen people here at Outpost One for preparation and load-up, and as many for unloading and cleanup. We created more community spirit by making our meals a time for sharing and laughter. Once on the playa, in our usual location at 3:45 on the outer edge of the city, the crew set up the camp shade structure, sitting area, and kitchen, and put up tents. We built the Starman Dome and the Space Igloo, and finally the Cleu Labyrinth. With so many projects to do, we became much more bonded as a crew. Every night before sunset, we would make a big circle for dinner where we cheered the cooks, shared announcements, and enjoyed each others’ company. During the days, Cleu camp was a mecca for many dusty pilgrims who came looking for a Cleu and the ever-popular Cleu guided meditation and sonic experience we call “the Cleu brainwashing.”

Going on pilgrimage gives us a chance to return to our human roots by spending these precious days working and playing together face-to-face. We abandon our cell phones and electronic devices choosing instead to rely on each other. We revive our own spiritual perspective when we meet others who are looking for a Cleu, and our brains get washed too when we provide a good brainwashing to our visitors. Cleu camp is an opportunity for all of us to appreciate the feeling of communalism that comes from living and working together. We experienced that feeling of At-Onement because we committed to each other and to our camp. This is the magic of living closer to our tribal roots, if only for a short time. When we return to our roots, we discover that we have the power to manifest the reality we desire. Black Rock City is our collective dream, the amazing cargo appearing on the playa through the efforts of many tribes returning to their human roots.

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Our Latest Radio Show + Podcast: Opening to Our Lives: Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Science of Mindfulness (» download mp3)

“It doesn’t actually take any more time to say good-bye or hug you know, your children or whatever it is in the morning when you’re on your way to work. But the mind says, ‘I don’t have any time for this.’ But actually that’s all you have time for, is this because there’s nothing else than this…So when your four year-old can’t decide which dress she wants to wear, that’s not a problem for you, unless you make it a problem for you. That’s just the way four year-olds are. And the more we can sort of learn these lessons the more we will not be in some sense running towards our death, but in a sense opening to our lives.”

Scientist and author Jon Kabat-Zinn has changed Western medicine through his work on meditation and stress. He’s clinically demonstrated the benefits of ancient traditions of mindfulness and meditation. And he’s adapted these for people who are healthy or living with chronic illness, for Olympic athletes and corporate cultures.

In this week’s On Being podcast, Jon Kabat-Zinn offers wise perspective on inhabiting the ordinary and extreme stresses of our lives. Technology may function 24/7, he points out, but our minds and bodies do not. He has practical and spiritual tools accessible to everyone — for slowing down time and “opening to our lives.”

And, for this week’s show, our host Krista Tippett recommends reading:

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: Writings SelectedComing to Our Senses: Healing Ourselves and the World Through Mindfulness
by Jon Kabat-Zinn

There are a couple of minutes in this podcast in which we hear Jon Kabat-Zinn conduct an introductory meditative experience for employees at Google. This spiritual technology is immediately effective and at the same time an engagement for a lifetime. It is about “coming to our senses” in the fullest sense of that phrase. This book explores these ways of living in more depth.

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You are the Cleu! →

Welcome to a new paradigm of At-Onement. Be the clue.

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Cleu Mic Check:
(repeat each line)

Without the miracle of the Universe…
There would be no Earth…
Without the miracle of the Earth…
There would be no Life…
Without the miracle of Life…
There would be no Consciousness…
Without the miracle of Consciousness…
There would be no You…
You are the Cleu…
I am Consciousness, Life, Earth, Universe…
I am the Cleu…
We are the Cleu…
Be the clue!

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Be the clue.

"Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself."

-Desiderius Erasmus (1456-1536)

We live in an age of corporate dominance that puts profit before people. It is up to each of us to light the way to a world that works for all. Listen to the voices speaking out for truth and justice, and find ways to expose those who seek power and privilege.  Seek alternatives that are healthy and sustainable. You are the clue.

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